We are located in hall 2find us here!

!decentral assembly

Decentralization means more and often something different than what is happening in the online blockchain worlds. !decentral is a 35c3 assembly, and a place to meet and hack with folks from DeltaChat, K-9 mail, Autocrypt, Dat, qutebrowser and other projects collaborating on decentralized non-cloudy apps and protocols that integrate with one another. At !decentral there will be sessions from the various participating projects — highlighting what is currently happening and planned for. We will showcase some of our latest developments, try out, play around and happily gather feedback. Check out this story to learn about our first event that was organized in Kyiv beginning November 2018.


Where? When?

We are located in hall 2 above komona and the black block: find us here

Our user-testing session will happen on December 28 from 12:30 to 14:30 at the Dome#3 [details]

Check out Happenings page for other events hosted at !decentral

Don’t forget that !decentral is grown together, so you are welcome to join and contribute.



We are glad to host sessions, spontaneous gatherings, talks, tea ceremonies and other improvised collaborations.

Please contact delta-xiev@codespeak.net and/or ksenia@radicalcinema.org if you feel like joining, or just drop by!

We are already cooperating with several assemblies: